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[themeone_header type=”h2″ txtalign=”txt-center”]Features[/themeone_header]
[themeone_header type=”h3″ txtalign=”txt-center”]Premium Website Features[/themeone_header][themeone_divider style=”solid” width=”100%” color=”#59585b”]
[themeone_header type=”h3″ txtalign=”txt-center”]The Technical Stuff[/themeone_header][themeone_divider style=”solid” width=”100%” color=”#59585b”]
[themeone_icon_txt title=”Video Integration” position=”left” size=”fa-2x” color=”accent-color1″ icon=”fa fa-youtube-play”]Videos can be shared on your website by first adding them to YouTube or Vimeo. Plus – we can create your videos![/themeone_icon_txt]
[themeone_icon_txt title=”Email Newsletter Opt-in” position=”left” size=”fa-2x” color=”#1187df” icon=”steadysets-icon-email”]We use services like MailChimp to allow visitors to easily opt-in to your email list without ever leaving your website.[/themeone_icon_txt]
[themeone_icon_txt title=”E-commerce” position=”left” size=”fa-2x” color=”#1187df” icon=”li_shop”]We use page caching and other optimization methods to ensure your pages load quickly.[/themeone_icon_txt]
[themeone_icon_txt title=”Interactive Maps” position=”left” size=”fa-2x” color=”#1187df” icon=”steadysets-icon-map-marker”]Our Google interactive maps are an easy way for visitors to locate your business. And very useful for mobile users![/themeone_icon_txt]
[themeone_icon_txt title=”Google Analytics” position=”left” size=”fa-2x” color=”accent-color1″ icon=”steadysets-icon-graph”]Monitor your website visitor statistics with Google Analytics and gain valuable marketing information.[/themeone_icon_txt]
[themeone_icon_txt title=”Total Security & Backups” position=”left” size=”fa-2x” color=”accent-color1″ icon=”fa fa-lock”]We stop intrusions cold with IP blocking, login notifications, secure password scanning and malware scanning.[/themeone_icon_txt]
[themeone_icon_txt title=”The Need For Speed” position=”left” size=”fa-2x” color=”#1187df” icon=”fa fa-tachometer”]We use CDN’s, page caching, and other optimization methods ensure your pages load quickly.[/themeone_icon_txt]
[themeone_icon_txt title=”Latest Web Technologies” position=”left” size=”fa-2x” color=”accent-color1″ icon=”fa fa-html5″]We build all of our websites with the latest web technologies such as HTML5 , CSS3, jQuery and more.[/themeone_icon_txt]
[themeone_header type=”h2″ txtalign=”txt-center”]WordPress Platform[/themeone_header]

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